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First Steps of Activating CPG Thrive Begins With an Investment in People1 min read

Posted on: 9th Feb 2021


In commencing the activation of the Confederation of Professional Golf’s [CPG] 5-year strategy – CPG Thrive – the organisation has announced a mix of internal promotions and new staffing appointments signifying an investment in having the right people to rollout new activity and foster positive progress of the organisation and its members.

On the new appointments, Chief Executive of the CPG, Ian Randell, said: “To activate our strategic plan we are committed to investing in our three ‘enablers’ – people, membership and innovation.

“We have set out an ambitious plan of new activity and growth and this can only be achieved by having the right people in place to lead, deliver and engage with our membership to ensure the successful collaborations that are required for sustainable benefit both to our members and across the wider-golf landscape.

“We now have the core management team in place, and we plan further announcements regarding a number of new strategic delivery partners and advisors as well as our extended Knowledge and Development teams very soon.  It is now time for us to deliver on the commitments that we made in our plan and I am excited to be working with the team as we grow into the future.”

The core management team is outlined below and constitutes a combination of full and part-time appointments that will not only benefit CPG and its membership but also further advance the CPG’s management of the Ryder Cup European Development Trust [RCEDT] which is committed to investing back into the development of golf across Europe.

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