Advancing Yourself

[The CPG Podcast] The Golfing Buddha – David Kearney

23rd Nov 2020

[The CPG Podcast] A Masters Preview – The CPG

14th Nov 2020

[The CPG Podcast] Building A Community of Female Golfers – Alastair Spink

4th Nov 2020

[The CPG Podcast] Structuring Practice, Training & Lessons – Adam Young

31st Oct 2020

[The CPG Podcast] A Game for Everyone – Tony Bennett

13th Oct 2020

[The CPG Podcast] Your Professional ‘Why’: Identifying It & Achieving It – Ian Peek

8th Oct 2020

[The CPG Podcast] Communication Science & Coaching – Marie Jeffery

28th Sep 2020

Effectively Segment Your Consumers

22nd Sep 2020

[The CPG Podcast] Life After COVID-19 – Dr. Andrew Murray & Dr. Roger Hawkes

17th Sep 2020

[The CPG Podcast] Life After COVID-19 – Jonathan Mannie & Johan Hampf

10th Sep 2020

The Importance of Being Safe, For Your Customers and Your Brand

18th Aug 2020

Converting a COVID-19 Generation of Golfers

5th Aug 2020

Rethinking Golf: How to Reset Golf For The New Normal

31st Jul 2020

Full Circle For Saskatchewan’s Amanda Minchin | PGA of Canada

15th Jul 2020

How to Host Productive Online Meetings [Online Guide]

2nd Jul 2020

How to Host Impactful Online Webinars [Online Guide]

1st Jul 2020

Confederation of Professional Golf & Golf & Health Project Create Coronavirus [COVID-19] Hubs

28th May 2020

CPG Unveil Masterclass Series of Educational Webinars

3rd Apr 2020

Maintaining Client Engagement Virtually

31st Mar 2020

Working From Home – For PGA Pros & PGAs [Or Anyone]

28th Mar 2020
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