‘Académie PGA’ Brings PGA Professional Expertise to Ryder Cup Fans1 min read

Posted on: 1st Oct 2018

During this year’s Ryder Cup, five European PGA Professionals provided coaching for many of the event’s 50,000+ visitors each day, showcasing the skills and expertise of the PGA Professional.

Two PGA of France Professionals, Rémy Beduand Nicholas Wrona, and three PGA of Great Britain & Ireland Professionals, Peter Ball, Alan Bradshaw, and Jamie Cundy, provided hundreds of 10 minute lessons across the whole Ryder Cup week in the Académie PGA’ unit created together with Provision Events.

“I am really proud, not only for me but for all the golfers in France, to welcome the Ryder Cup into our country,” said Bedu. “This week we have made ‘flash’ lessons for so many people, regardless of what level of golf they are at. The PGA is a sort of family as a group of all the teachers and I am excited to be a part of that.”

“This is the first Ryder Cup that I’ve done and there is such a great atmosphere,” added Cundy. “We have had people in from Europe and America but also all over the world, coming to Paris and then to enjoy the Ryder Cup so it’s fantastic.

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