PGA of Sweden

About The PGA of Sweden

Formed: 1932
Members: 1,074
No. of Players: 482,476

The PGA of Sweden is a professional organisation for Golf Professionals. PGA members are professionals and professional women who either through a solid training certified as Club Professionals or games or qualifiers received a ranking on Tour approved as eligible for membership as the Tournament Player. PGA currently has nearly 1,100 members divided into 800 Club Pros and about 300 TPS.


  • The PGA will work for golf’s tradition and culture is maintained and developed by the game’s idea as a starting point.
  • The PGA will work to game the quality of golfers continually evolve and that the quality of the golf facilities are developed to meet the players’ needs.
  • The PGA will work for the interest in the game of golf is maintained and that accessibility in general and for the juniors in particular increases.
  • The PGA will for example through education providing golf market a professional membership.

PGA’s Overall Goals

The PGA and its members will be an important resource for the development of golf in the country.

The PGA shall;

  • Provide and implement a program that provides Club Professionals professional knowledge and skills to lead and manage a golf facility’s sporting activities, both within the non-profit as the commercial field.
  • Provide and implement a program that provides the Tournament Players professional knowledge and skills to compete in the professional race operations.
  • Through active efforts to give the best possible Tournament Players contest opportunities.
  • Work to ensure that every golf club in the future, at least Training Qualified Club Professional in the leading position in its facility.
  • Work for PGA member is perceived as the abandoned golf expert with skills for the entirety of the golf facility and arena.
  • The trademark PGA of Sweden
  • The brand will become synonymous with quality and professionalism,
  • The brand will be perceived as an information carrier of the game’s idea and values.


Along with SGF PGA responsible for the planning, development and execution of coach education, TU. After completion TU receives Club Pron its Training Diploma. With TU basis, PGA Pron received an education that is sufficiently “high” for professional work at a golf course that is responsible for much of the training activities. TU also gives a great “breadth of knowledge” that allows for further education and skills development. The range of training programs is therefore an extremely important and large part of the PGAs business.

Even Tournament Professionals undergo a compulsory primary education, with a focus on economics, statute, contract, contact with the media and information on the PGA and various tours. This short training has no Training Orientation.