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Advice For Advancing – Top Careers Tips from Across the Industry4 min read

Posted on: 24th Aug 2016

What better way to get tips on advancing your career than from those who have been there and done it!  IGPN collected some excellent tips from across the Confederation of Professional Golf’s network to help you achieve your career goals…

Eva Zitzler [Via LinkedIn]

“Do what you really love, not just the job in which you might earn the most.”

Richard Lane – Chairman, PGA of Bulgaria

  • Stay with something you are good at and then you are more likely to sustain effort and perform well
  • Research all the areas relative to your subject matter
  • Enrol on CPD courses and make contact with specialists in the field you work
  • Always keep an open mind to learning
  • In interviews – Great body language, eye contact with the person you speak to at any given time, whilst doing the same with the group and smile. 90% of what you say does not come from the mouth

Martin Hasenbein – Education Coordinator, PGA of Germany

“Never stop asking yourself if you have done your best!”


Matthew Ellis [Via LinkedIn]

“For career development, for me, it’s about looking at a long-term goal and working towards developing a strategy to achieve it.  Be clear on your goal, really think as to what area you would like to work, who you would like to work with and what position you would like to attain.

“You could also think as to what skills, capabilities, qualifications and knowledge you might need to acquire such a position. This will help you to determine today, on the path you need to take to start your journey towards this goal.”

Tony Westwood [Via LinkedIn]

“Along with the necessity of organisations looking for people who are well qualified, there is a growing need for people showing the right attitude and behaviours needed to perform and succeed in any business environment.

“Having the ability to think flexibly and appropriately. Show a level of emotional resilience and competence. Be driven with a real sense of purpose and be able to connect meaningfully with others. If you can tick all of these boxes then success will never be too far away.”

Stephen Dundas [Via LinkedIn]

“If you are looking for a job make sure you research your potential employers, get to know who they are, what core values they have and basically show any potential employer that you are prepared, motivated and organised. 
If you are trying to develop your career that’s easy. Find out everything you can about your competitors and make sure you are better in every department!”

Emma Ford [Via LinkedIn]

“Think about your long goals and aspirations for your life not just your career and then develop a strategy. Remember your next job should deliver the skills, experiences and contacts you need for the one after that. And never forget to network.”


Adam Keable ‏‪(@adam_keable) [Via Twitter]

‪”Find a mentor who can act as sounding board for your career decisions. Learn from their experiences & let them challenge you.”

David del Cerro ‏‪(@delcerrogolf) [Via Twitter]

“Start at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb and take every opportunity from there.”

Nick Solski ‏[Via LinkedIn]

“Know your personal brand and be honest about what you are good at, what are your weaknesses, what you enjoy doing and also what you don’t! This way you won’t waste your own time applying for jobs that you know don’t suit you. You should identify your dream job based on your self analysis and this will allow you to follow your career plan in a more structured way.”

Mark Henderson [Via LinkedIn]

“Lets get back to basics similar to learning golf. Make sure your CV is less than 2 pages and ensure your content is truthful, described well, and not repetitive. Additionally ensure your cover letter / application states your great interest in the position, why you are interested in the role, keep it short and precise. Ensure your grammar / spelling is flawless.

“Create a strong network and make contacts throughout your career, stay in contact with them, try to help them in times of need “in advance” this is called creating relationships.”

Ed Chapman [Via LinkedIn]

“When going through 150+ CVs anything over 2 pages or with mistakes tend to get dumped. Network of relationships is super important of being in the know for the best jobs. And I’d add if applying through official route of HR use LinkedIn to find the managers name (eg. Director of Golf) and address it to them.”

Lincoln Birch [Via LinkedIn]

“Take yourself seriously. Health and Environment first. Pay attention, listen and be inquisitive. Show interest, engage and watch details (e.g. CV, clothing, language etc.)…and ask for advice or an opinion.”

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