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13th May 2022

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30th Mar 2022

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30th Mar 2022

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24th Mar 2022

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16th Mar 2022

Golf Genius Software launches integrated event marketing tool Golf Hub

15th Mar 2022
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An International First for Coaching in Ukraine2 min read

Posted on: 9th Nov 2021

For the first time in the history of Ukrainian golf, golf coaches were trained in line with the Confederation of Professional Golf’s [CPG] international level 1 coach education program.

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Together with the Ukrainian Golf Federation, the PGA of Ukraine (a CPG Member Country) coordinated and contributed to the delivery of the programme in collaboration with the CPG. Beginning in June online and culminating in a 5-day in-person workshop, students were involved in a number of different activities including theoretical classes and additional external learning. Each trainee also had access to the CPG Learning Institute, which contains training materials, assessments and deadlines to ensure high quality training and educational delivery for their personal development.

On October 24, the 5-day training at the H Club concluded. Led and managed by PGA of Holland members Jim van Heuven van Staereling and Wiebe Gisen, as well as the CPG’s Director for Community Coaching & Parents in Golf, David Kearney, the workshop was attended by 29 participants in total, consisting of both current and future coaches.

The training included theoretical, practical parts and assessment. For the first three days, there was a lot of tutor-led insight and information, alongside discussions and application. The trainees then focused on improving their own coaching delivery through the application of visual, kinesthetic and audio teaching aids; they studied the impact of ball flight laws; and also developed their coaching delivery skills for juniors, adults, beginners and more.

At the end of the 5 days, each participant was then assessed on various disciplines including golf clubs and technology, the rules of golf, and a group coaching lesson. Upon successful completion of the programme, each participant receives official certification of their Level 1 training.

Ruslan Harkavenko, President of PGA Ukraine, said, “Since my presidency at PGA Ukraine, the number one task has been to give every coach the opportunity to receive an international education. It took us two years to do this, first, it was the Parents in Golf training program and seminars for golf coaches and activators. And this year – Level 1 for coaches. I am grateful to my team for the organization. And most importantly, such training makes us and all members of the PGA even stronger as a team, as we learn to work together and help each other. Thank you to the CPG, all the tutors for their cooperation and impeccable work, as well as the management of H Club for the opportunity to conduct training on the golf courses.”



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