SNAG On Show at Confederation of Professional Golf A.S.K. Workshops – Developing the Players of Tomorrow1 min read

SNAG GolfAuthor: SNAG Golf

Posted on: 9th Aug 2016

SNAG gave a presentation as part of the Confederation of Professional Golf A.S.K. Workshops in Hungary.

13 speakers with delegates from around Europe discussed the changing and developing landscape of the golf industry.

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SNAG GolfAuthor: SNAG Golf

SNAG (Starting New At Golf) is an award winning product and recognised coaching programme in the advancement of golf around the world. We are already partners to many European Federations and PGA bodies, many of which are utilising SNAG equipment and programmes as their preferred first touch programme.

SNAG is the ideal way of encouraging families to play, learn and have fun together, and more importantly a soft, safe way of introducing golf whilst providing a leisure activity all can enjoy. Specially adapted equipment featuring oversized club heads, larger balls and fun targets help to ease beginners into the pitching, chipping, putting and full swing skills of the game.

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