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Ryder Cup Ticket Application Form for European PGA Members3 min read

Posted on: 14th Jan 2014

As part of the Member benefit scheme for current full PGA members of European Confederation of Professional Golf member countries, Ryder Cup Europe LLP is pleased to announce details for the application process to obtain Ryder Cup tickets for the matches to be held at Gleneagles on 23rd to 28th September 2014.

Applications will be handled by The PGA of Great Britain & Ireland and application forms will be available in January 2014 by contacting The Confederation of Professional Golf on info@CPG.com. No applications will be accepted prior to that date. PGA Members will be entitled to a free ticket plus one half-price ticket for a guest. There are 2000 tickets available under this scheme for current, full* members of The PGA, The European Tour and Confederation of Professional Golf European Member Country PGAs. Tickets are on a first come first served basis but should the number of applications exceed 2000 for any day, tickets will then be allocated via a ballot. Guests must attend the same day/s as the PGA Member; however, the guest can vary from day to day.

As part of this Member benefit package the PGA Members’ Unit will provide a private area to view the golf on television and purchase food and beverages for the PGA member and guest.

Ryder Cup Europe LLP reserves the right to charge the PGA Member the full ticket price if it is found that tickets have not been used under this concession. Members may be depriving other members of access to the matches by applying for tickets not used.

Credit or debit card details will be taken with the application for tickets to cover the amounts due for half price guest tickets; however, payment will not be processed until June 2014 with physical ticket issue a few weeks prior to the matches. Tickets are non-refundable after payment has been taken. Tickets acquired under this concession include free car park access at a designated location yet to be advised.

There will be no access to the matches as a PGA Member unless a ticket is acquired under this system and ticket holders produce their PGA Membership Card AND a photo ID at the matches. There will be no admittance, or entitlement to a ticket, by just appearing at the matches with a PGA Membership card of a Confederation of Professional Golf member country and/or photo ID.

Ticket Pricing

Days     Ground Admission
Tuesday (Practice Day)

Junior (under 16) concession £10

Wednesday (Practice Day)

Junior (under 16) concession £10

Thursday (Practice Day / Opening Ceremony)

Junior (under 16) concession £10

Friday (Match Day) £120
Saturday (Match Day) £120
Sunday (Match Day) £145

*Full member Definition:

For Countries WITH an Approved Training Programme:

A full member as recognised by The Confederation of Professional Golf is a Professional who has taken, fully completed and passed a training or education programme approved by The Confederation of Professional Golf.

For Countries WITHOUT an Approved Training Programme:

Where the National PGA is not yet operating a fully approved Training Programme as per The Confederation of Professional Golf regulations, a full member is a Professional who is recognised as a full member (not a full time playing professional or trainee/assistant) by that PGA.


For more information on the Ryder Cup visit www.RyderCup.com/europe.