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Coaches Circle: Preparing a Junior Golfer For International Golf1 min read

Steven OrrAuthor: Steven Orr

Posted on: 7th May 2015

PGA of GB&I Advanced Fellow Professional and Director of Coaching for Cranfield Golf, Steven Orr, presented at the 2015 Coaches Circle from 27-28 July at Pravets Golf & Spa Resort.  Here, Steven outlines the background to his presentation as well as additional reading.

The purpose of this presentation is to look closely at the development of junior players who are close to, or have just begun to play, for their country in national and international matches.

Working with many talented junior players individually and also as an England Golf coach for the south-east of England, several players make the step up, while many more don’t.  This presentation will attempt to answer the following questions;

  • What skills do junior players need to move up from regional to national level?
  • What is the difference between those who move up and those who don’t?
  • What happens when roadblocks appear? And should the coach create these intentionally?
  • How can a coach implement mental skills into the players training? And which are most important for a player at this stage of development
  • How can a coach effectively create habit change in junior golfers?

In an attempt to answer these questions, this presentation will draw on research on psychology, motivation and habit change as well as looking at real world case studies of players that have progressed and those that haven’t and reasons why.

Pre-Event Reading


For more information on the 2015 Coaches Circle Visit the Event Hub Page: http://eur.pe/2015CoachesCircle

Steven OrrAuthor: Steven Orr

Steven has been a full time golf coach for 12 years working within Cranfield Golf Academies, where he is now the Director of Coaching.

Over this time he has left no stone unturned in a quest to understand the truth’s as they relate to high performance in both golf and personal achievement .He is currently  close to completing an MSc in sports coaching at The University of Birmingham, where his study is looking at the reflective practices of expert coaches.