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PGA of Austria Visit Strengthens Relationships Further1 min read

PGA of AustriaAuthor: PGA of Austria

Posted on: 2nd Jul 2015

PGA of Austria representatives paid a visit in June to the Confederation of Professional Golf Headquarters at the Belfry Golf Club, UK, on a fact-finding and idea-sharing mission, resulting in strengthened relationships all round.

PGA of Austria President, Manfred Krainz, along with Vice President, Florian Haempel, and General Secretary, Sönke Niklas, joined Confederation of Professional Golf representatives for the single day visit to discuss a variety of subject matter.

During discussions, the PGA of Austria’s operations, membership and education processes were detailed with a view to increasing the knowledge and understanding of how they operate and also areas in which the Confederation of Professional Golf can focus on and assist with further.

“The main reason [for the visit] is to see and learn,” explained Krainz.  “We wanted to see all of the history where the game of golf has been based and comes from and to take as many ideas as we can to carry home to improve golf in our country.

“The main point was to improve the relationship between the PGA of Austria and the Confederation of Professional Golf.  As always we had very supportive and very positive talks with Ian [Randell] with new ideas put in and new support that we can carry home.  I think the strength of the relationship and the improved conversation between us is the main thing we will take home with us.”


PGA of AustriaAuthor: PGA of Austria

The PGA of Austria is the association of all recorded in Austria Golf Professionals who have been trained in a globally accepted system of professional golf sport.  The goal and top priority of the PGA of Austria is the continual development of apprentices as golf professionals in order to offer optimal support.

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