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Parents in Golf: Developing the Golfers of Tomorrow, Today2 min read

Posted on: 2nd Apr 2020

Parents in Golf is a new educational programme developed by the Confederation of Professional Golf [CPG] that aims to move the needle in golf development across countries.

Created by a panel of experts in junior golf and golf development, countries around the world will be able to apply for and run the programme tailored to their circumstances.

It is a book, a workshop resource, and an educational programme. It is an attempt to challenge the status quo within golf coaching and the game of golf, and to arrest declining membership and participation numbers across the globe.

Parents in Golf is a response to this worrying trend, through focusing on parents and their children – together forming a crucial interest group for golf.

The programme aims to explain and guide the relationship between the coach, the parent and the child through the game of golf. For the parent, the resources will help them better understand their children and the various ways that golf can aid both their personal development.

Parents in Golf wants to help the golf club and Club Professionals to become leaders in making golf a true “game for all” and enable them to actively promote golf to interested parties, rather than wait for customers to arrive at their doorsteps.

The programme will help in shaping an appropriate welcome, with the necessary skills to ensure that we are increasing our numbers of participants and developing the game. The aim is not just to develop the next star, but to develop the next golfer.


Parents in Golf was created by a team of: Marie Jeffery (Austria), Justin Walsh (Germany), led by David Kearney (Ireland). It is launching very soon, at an online conference with the Heads of Training of all Member Country PGAs.

For more information on Parents in Golf please contact Martin Westphal ( and Wojciech Waśniewski (