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New Year, New Focus, New Image for the Confederation of Professional Golf3 min read

Posted on: 14th Jan 2014

pgas_of_europe_-_logo_image_bw2014 promises to be an exciting year on so many fronts and the Confederation of Professional Golf enter the New Year with clear strategic focus and a fresh image to reflect this. The new visual identity marks the culmination of a complete strategic review and reflects the welcoming, modern approach that the Association now takes into the future.

The new brand and branding was developed by the team at sports-branding agency, Whitestone International, and reflects the outcomes of an 18-month review of strategy, internal and external practices and the standards exemplified by the Association.

The review has resulted in clear strategic focus in refining and optimising the Association’s positioning and the missions that are undertaken to achieve it:

Positioning –

The Confederation of Professional Golf is committed to the advancement of golf, golfers and the golf profession across Europe.

This is achieved through 3 clear Missions:

Developing, sharing and advancing the playing, education and business standards of PGAs and golf Professionals for the benefit of developing golf and its players

Providing a collective voice for the Professional Golfers’ Associations of Europe and promoting interest in the game of golf and its economic, social and environmental benefits

Events and activities that develop the game or provide opportunities, including playing opportunities, for our members and their PGA Professionals

“The start to 2014 is a very exciting time for the Association and the launch of our new visual identity is just one of the ways in which the pgas_of_europe_-_logo_imageassociation is moving forward,” said Confederation of Professional Golf Chief Executive, Ian Randell. “We are just a year away from our 25th anniversary and we wanted to make sure that we are setting and exemplifying the highest possible standards for our member PGAs by ensuring our strategy, communications, and all our practices are directed in the best way.

“Standards are now in place for both membership and education with the launch of a new European Education Level System (EELS) being adopted this year; our communications both internal and external are more consistent and engaging through our digital magazine “International Golf Pro News”, social media presences and a new website due for launch in the spring; and our activities in terms golf development, tournaments and educational events are more comprehensive than ever before. We are looking forward to 2014 with excitement and focus.”

Confederation of Professional Golf – New Year, New Focus, New Image for the Confederation of Professional GolfThe branding centres around the new logo that features a new colour palette of black, white and accents of silver, and includes a number of features that create a system that is easy to understand, consistent and uses a structure that can be deployed across multiple media:

The ‘PGAs’ Acronym representing the Association’s collective of member Professional Golfers Associations.
A Descriptor (‘OF EUROPE) communicating the Association’s reach and dedication to the game across Europe.
The Association’s signature ‘Ball and Hole’ symbolising the premise at the heart of the game, as well as its commitment to achieving its goals in the advancement of the profession, the game and the business of golf across Europe.
The ‘Cup Graphic’ or rings further signifies the relationship between the ‘ball and hole’ and provides structure and texture to deliver distinctive and cohesive brand communications.
In the coming months the new branding will be rolled out throughout the Association’s digital and physical communications, along with its Corporate Partners and 36 Member Countries. This utilisation of the new branding ensures its use is consistent and that the Association’s stakeholders all understand the concept and strategy behind the revised positioning, missions and visual identity.

A completely redesigned website will also be introduced that will be in line with the new identity and strategy, and will be optimised for the latest web standards and the multitude of devices that people use to view CPG.com, making for the most engaging and streamlined experience possible.


For more information on the Confederation of Professional Golf visit CPG.com, follow @PGAsofEurope on Twitter, or like the Confederation of Professional Golf Facebook Page.