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New PING products expand on adjustability and optimisation4 min read


Posted on: 1st Aug 2012

Building on its reputation for innovation and performance, PING has introduced several new products this week, including the Anser adjustable driver, which is offered in four high-performance shafts, the new Tour wedge with Gorge Groove Technology and the Serene family, specifically engineered for female golfers. All the new products will be available in golf shops later this summer and fall.

“Our newest products continue our emphasis on custom-engineering — designing technology that meets the needs of distinct player profiles,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “Through extensive research and analysis, which includes player testing of every skill level both men and women, we’ve advanced performance in several categories. For example, in the Anser driver, we added an adjustable hosel without adversely affecting the weighting properties that are so critical to overall performance. Our new Serene driver features a high-balance-point shaft, which allowed us to lengthen the shaft ½ inch while maintaining the same overall weight so women can swing a longer club to generate more distance. It’s these types of improvements that continually lead to lower scores and more enjoyment for golfers.”

New products include the Anser® line, which features adjustable drivers and fairway woods, a traditionally shaped hybrid and a forged, multi-material iron; Tour wedges with Gorge™ Groove Technology; the Serene™  women’s family of drivers, fairway woods, blended iron/hybrid sets and putters; and the Nome®  500 long putter with an adjustable shaft.

Trajectory Optimization

The Anser adjustable driver enables golfers to fine-tune trajectory through a combination of loft adjustment and shaft selection. The players can add or subtract ½ degree of loft and also choose one of four high-performance shafts to perfectly fit their swing — a process PING calls Trajectory Tuning™. The shafts are the PING TFC 800D, Aldila Phenom, Fujikura Blur Red, and the Mitsubishi Diamana ‘ahina. They vary in weight, stiffness profile, and the trajectory they deliver.

“Shaft fitting is a very important step in optimising trajectory so golfers can benefit from greater distance and accuracy,” Solheim said. “It was important that we have a range of high- performance shafts to match distinct player profiles. When combined with the loft adjustability, golfers will see significant improvement in their performance by adjusting their driver to suit the weather, course conditions or changes in their swings. A PING Certified Clubfitter will help determine the best shaft option based on how a player loads the club, their timing, and swing speed.”

Performance-Engineered Hosel

Solheim said PING also advanced adjustability in its Anser driver and fairway woods by engineering its adjustable-hosel technology to be lightweight and sleek so it wouldn’t compromise performance.

“Most adjustable hosels are large and heavy, which takes weight away from more important areas of the club-head,” he said. “Our adjustable hosel is the same diameter and mass as our traditional fixed hosel. We saved weight through its sleek design and by using a lightweight titanium screw and an aluminum hosel sleeve. Looking down at the club from the address position, there’s a seamless transition from the shaft to the head.”

The Anser driver is available in 8.5º, 9.5º, 10.5º and 12º lofts. The Anser fairway woods are offered in 3-wood (14.5º), 4-wood (16.5º), and 5-wood (18.5º). Each is adjusted using aPINGtorque wrench, which loosens the club-head so golfers can set the loft to the desired position. In addition to changing loft, adjusting the hosel position allows a player to adjust the set-up face angle to his or her preference. Adjusting the hosel to the (+) position adds loft and closes the face, while the (–) position decreases loft and opens the face.

Gorge™ Grooves in the Tour wedge

PING’s new Tour wedge features an innovation called Gorge Groove Technology, designed to maximise spin and control. The grooves are precision-milled at the company’s Phoenix plant, allowing the company’s machinists to hold very tight tolerances and to monitor every groove variable: top-edge radius, width, depth, spacing, and wall angle. “We believe this to be the best-performing groove design in the industry. By taking the unprecedented step of bringing the groove milling process entirely in-house, we’re able to ensure the highest quality and performance.  Players are going to be excited when they see how much control and consistency they have with the Tour wedge,” Solheim said.

Tour wedges are available in three sole widths to accommodate different swing styles and playing conditions: the WS (Wide Sole); the TS (Thin Sole), and the SS (Standard Sole). “This is another opportunity to help the golfer find the wedge that fits their game based on their angle of attack and the course conditions they play most often. Each of the options allows the golfer to open up the face and play any type of shot they want in a given situation.”

Adjustable Belly and Long Putter Shafts

Adjustability isn’t limited to the Anser driver and fairway woods. Earlier this year, PING was the first major golf company to introduce a USGA/R&A-conforming adjustable-length belly shaft with the Nome 405.  Since then, it has added an adjustable-length long putter shaft with the Nome 500. “We saw an opportunity to expand on adjustability into the belly and long putter categories because getting the proper length in those type of putters varies greatly. The technology is easy to use and golfers can quickly modify the length of their putter to fit their body type, posture, and putting stroke,” said Solheim.

PING www.ping.com