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Luca Salvetti Takes up his Confederation of Professional Golf Board Role1 min read

Posted on: 7th Feb 2012

Luca Salvetti Takes up his Confederation of Professional Golf Board RoleWhen Donato di Ponziano retired from the board after his 20 years service as a Confederation of Professional Golf director, not only did he make an emotional farewell speech but he left a gaping space that previously had been filled by the force of his extrovert personality.

Into that space, nominated for it by the PGA of Italy, and endorsed by members at the 2011 AGM in Portugal, has stepped LUCA SALVETTI (left) who will shortly sit at the table with his colleagues to undertake his first board meeting.

Luca Salvetti is the proud possessor of a degree in Sports Science from Bologna University and later became a PGA Professional. As a keen educationalist he has been coaching golf in Italy and other countries ever since, while specialising in Junior Teaching Programmes.

To this end he conducted related research at Verona University of Sports. Having been appointed to the board of the PGA of Italy Luca has taken care of the education and vocational training of the Italian golf pros and has been in charge of the PGAI Annual Seminar.

Currently his role has evolved into Head of Member Education. Luca has an active role in the Board of the Fondazione Campus, University of Lucca for Golf & Tourism Management, where he is in charge of the learning programs structure.

Since 2009 he is head consultant for Giorgio Armani EA7 Golf lines and clearly has the qualifications to make a similar substantial contribution to his long-serving predecessor.