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Posted on: 8th Jul 2015

International Golf Development (IGD) is pleased to announce the distribution rights for Starting New At Golf (SNAG) in Europe, Middle East and Africa have been awarded to Golf Sport Agentur.

IGD have been the distributor for SNAG EMEA for the past 6 years, working with several partners worldwide to grow the SNAG products and programme in excess of 30 countries. SNAG is often a major feature at tour events, exhibitions, parks, school programmes, corporate events, tournaments and charity fun days. This expansion has contributed to the Starting New At Golf global presence and will continue to thrive over the coming years.

Many achievements were succeeded amidst the IGD and SNAG partnership; the last year provided an ultimate year for golf and its focus on junior development. The SNAG influence culminated through South Africa pushing forward with PGA’s to increase participation levels, Russia introducing SNAG into the national school curriculum, alongside Israel becoming engaged with SNAG in most major areas to help it build an identity in the Middle East.

Christian Piott, of Golf Sport Agentur stated:

‘I have been involved with SNAG for several years and have witnessed a lot of its successes, the GSA team are committed to working hard and growing quickly with the great foundations of learning that have been put into place. Our benchmark partnership with the German Golf Federation will help us to achieve our aim of making SNAG the first point of entry for golf development worldwide, a perfect case study to develop with the PGA’s of Europe continuing our corporate Partnership.’

International Golf Development is in the process of refining its business propositions, as part of this IGD will help to oversee the management of GSA’s partnership with SNAG over the next 5 years. International Golf Development is thrilled to mark the legacy of SNAG EMEA’s progression by passing the baton across to Christian and the Golf Sport Agentur team.

IGD Director, Guy Higton stated:

‘I’d like to give a massive thank you to all of the distributors, suppliers, coaches, volunteers and beginners that believed in making the SNAG vision a reality. If it wasn’t for those that stuck by us the SNAG movement would be a mere shadow of what it is today, we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved and believe this is a perfect opportunity for GSA to build on the SNAG legacy in preparation for golf becoming part of the Olympic agenda in 2016.’

International Golf Development and i-KAN GC continue to work hard to refine its business activities, realigning its industry interests and developing new concepts in preparation for 2016. We wish Christian and his team the best of luck in the future.

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