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Club Inc – Interviews are like Tournaments5 min read

Posted on: 30th Apr 2012

careers_articleThe second of a series of monthly articles by Club Inc, golf’s leading recruitment experts and Confederation of Professional Golf’s Career Services Partners who provide invaluable career advice and services to member PGAs and their collective individual membership of more than 21,000 PGA Professionals.

Interviews are like Tournaments

Interviews are like tournaments you need to prepare to win, you will be nervous and you will be competing against other people all trying to get the number one spot.

Preparing for an interview is vital rather like preparing for a tournament. When you enter a tournament you know the day and the time you will be playing, you know the type of course the event will be played on and therefore the best shots to practice. It is the same for interviews you know what time and date the interview will take place, who you will be meeting with and practice the type of questions you might be asked. Like a practice round you should think of the following when preparing for an interview:

promo-interviewsCheck the date, time, location and name of the person with whom you are due to meet.
Read the company’s website and familiarise yourself with every aspect of the company. Very often hiring managers are profiled on the company website so these can be a good first introduction to your interviewer.  Also search LinkedIn for company information and profiles of management
Ensure you have sufficiently researched the background of the company and the role and possess a good insight into the people and the culture.
Fully understand the job description and the skills and competencies that the job requires. Be prepared to give examples of work you have done which match those skills and competencies.
Know your own CV. Be able to talk around it using it as a point of reference to promote your experience, strengths and weaknesses.
Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer. Writing questions down and referring to them in the interview demonstrates preparation and initiative so don’t be afraid to refer to them. Make sure they are relevant and appropriate.
Be prepared to answer competency-based questions, which will ask for specific examples of prior experience.
Like on the first tee of a tournament you may be nervous when going into the interview. Adrenaline keeps you on your toes and can add to your performance but can also take over so keep in mind all the things you have practiced and be confident of your past history and why someone should choose you. You should also feel and look the best you can; appearance helps to make the fright first impression. Like coming down the stretch of a big event the pressure will mount but the more knowledge you have, the more comfortable you feel and the best answers you give the more you will impress so remember the following:

Appearance » First impressions are a vital aspect of your interview and you should appear comfortable, smart, professional and confident. Ask whether you need to wear a suit and tie – in some situations a suit is not always appropriate.
Body Language » Make sure you offer a firm handshake, a smile and plenty of eye contact. If you are being interviewed by a panel address your responses to the entire panel, not just the person asking the questions.
Listen » How well you listen in an interview will be a strong indication of your communication skills. Be sure to listen to the questions you are being asked so that your answer is relevant.
When we are nervous we can become stressed which can often affect the way in which we listen and reply to a question. Try to keep yourself grounded and calm and don’t be afraid to pause to think about an answer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions throughout the interview if you feel you need further information or something is not made clear to you by the interviewer. Make sure you are factual and concise with your answers.
Remember that the interview process is two way you should also be trying to find out as much as you can about the club or the organisation to see if this really is the job for you, your family and for the long term benefit of your career.
Ask what the next stage will be and reaffirm your interest in the role. Show enthusiasm for the job and be sure to thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet you. Even if you are unsure if the role is entirely suitable for you it is important to leave the interviewer with the impression that you do want the job.
Just like tournaments you might not win the first time or you might want to win a major and are using some interviews as practice for the role you really want. Due to the way the economy has made clubs and golf organisations think more professional will be going to interviews. If you haven’t been for an interview for along period of time I hope these tips have helped and if you want to know more then listen to the webinar, visit our website www.clubincorporated.com or call us on 0207 903 5105

Remember it might feel like you have little control over where your career is heading. By calling Club Inc. you will find it really doesn’t have to be that way.

For a limited time only, PGA Members who become a friend of Club Inc will receive free Club Inc membership and one free Career Coaching session. Simply send your name and email address to info@clubincorporated.com and they will be in touch.