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Annual Review’s Upbeat Look at European Golf2 min read

Posted on: 3rd Sep 2012

‘An inspirational experience for all concerned’ – Ian Randell

The 2011-12 Confederation of Professional Golf ANNUAL REVIEW, a stylish, well illustrated publication that takes a comprehensive look back at the activities and events that have filled the association’s calendar in the last 12 months and more, will be published shortly.

Although concentrating on the core subjects such as Education, Development, Membership matters, tournaments and the like, the 2012 Annual Review is a ‘must have’, attractively-produced publication for all PGA professional and industry representatives to acquire, browse, read and retain.

As chief executive Ian Randell reminisces in an upbeat scene-setting opening article covering the sport on its widest horizons: “…events since autumn 2010, have been, perhaps the most successful period ever for European Golf.

“Trophy after trophy has been won. Ryder Cup …Solheim Cup… Open Championship… US Open… USPGA, and more. Truly thoroughbred young tournament players have emerged from a number of different countries and, though it’s been tough, the industry is largely surviving the world’s economic pressures.

“… European golf has been enjoying a period punctuated by more triumphs than ever before and, in a similar timescale the internal affairs of the Confederation of Professional Golf, have progressed to what might be regarded in some ways as the pinnacle of its 22-year history.

“Here I make no apologies for inter-twining golf at the elite end of tournament play with the responsibilities of our association. The respective fortunes are inextricably linked because, while it is the elite tour professionals who perform their magnificent feats in Ryder Cups and major championships, they have each been coached at some stage by a club or academy-based PGA professional…possibly throughout their careers from the first swing of a golf club.

“This is one crucial way in which we play our part and it is an inspirational experience for all concerned.”