PGA of Portugal

Av. Das Tulipas, Nº6
Edif. Miraflores
17º Miraflores
1495-161 Alges

Formed: 1995
Members: 137
No. of Players: 13,825
No. of Players: 89

The PGA Portugal’s mission is:

Develop Professional golf in Portugal, trying to defend the interests of our shareholders in accordance with the values ​​of honesty, professionalism and transparency, maintaining open communication with members, partners and stakeholders involved the association communication.

Ensuring stability and financial viability of the association. Retrieve the image PGA Portugal before the members, partners, government institutions and all entities related to golf, national and international level.

Restructure, develop and streamline the competitive environment, with more and better tournaments, offering more opportunities to all members.

Continue the Training Project in close collaboration with the Portuguese Golf Federation and others involved.

Develop other activities Training that can contribute to personal and professional development of members.

Efforts to create more and better services and benefits for all associates in various areas such as:

  • Legal Support, Employment and Administrative;
  • Insurance;
  • Marketing and Sales;
  • Equipment;
  • New technologies;