PGA of Nigeria

6, Olukole Close
Off Ajao Road
Lagos State

About The PGA of Nigeria

Formed: 1969

Confederation of Professional Golf Member Country Since: 2018

Members: 182

No. of Players: 21,000+

No. of Courses: 70

The Professional Golfers’ Association of Nigeria was established in 1969 when the first set of four Nigerian pros returned from Pro Training in Europe. Since then it has been growing to become what it is now.

It is now made up of 182 members with our headquarters Lagos, Nigeria. Our members are presently males from different parts of our country and neighbouring Ghana, Cameroun, Togo and Senegal.

It was initially named Nigeria Professional Golfers’ Association (NPGA) before it was changed to its present name in 1999. It was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Federal Republic of Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Decree No. 1, 1990 in 1999.

The PGA of Nigeria is the only PGA in Nigeria that promotes and manages professional golf in the country with a good working relationship with Nigeria Golf Federation (NGF).

Our mission is to promote and develop golf particularly, professional golf; Seek career development, capacity building and update its members in the profession; And more importantly, ensure strict adherence to the rules of golf as provided by the R & A and the USGA.

In view of the above, the following has been the strategic plan set out and followed strictly by the Association towards achieving all its objectives:

  1. Establishment and maintenance of an enduring structure for the purpose of achieving its objectives. Such as a National Secretariat to drive every machinery for goals getting; Formulation of dynamic policies to guide and drive the Association; Administrative Structure with effective communication channels and Experienced staff.
  2. Placing on every member a rigid code of ethics and the name “Professional golfers’ Association of Nigeria” must be, and remains the hallmark of service, honesty, unbiased dealings (fairness) and courtesy.
  3. Reaching out to stakeholders in golf and corporate world for sponsorship purposes.
  4. Liaising and giving advice where necessary to other golf bodies like Golf Clubs, Nigeria Golf Federation (NGF), Ladies Golf Association of Nigeria (LGAN) and so on.
  5. Encouraging by a way of support and advice to golf tours in the country.
  6. Seeking, nurturing and encouraging young talents (Amateurs) in the country by allowing them to play alongside pros as Category 1 players in PGA of Nigeria sanctioned events.
  7. Provide free coaching/clinic to Club’s members hosting PGA of Nigeria sanctioned events.
  8. Liaise, relate and cooperate with other golfing bodies in Africa and the whole world.
  9. Establish a Qualifying School that would ensure that the best of trainees are admitted into the membership of the PGA of Nigeria.
  10. Ensure high professional standard at all time through strict adherence to rules of golf and periodic discussions on rules and other related matters.
  11. Award of honour to appreciate and encourage sponsors and supporters of the Association with Honorary Membership and Life Vice President of the Association.
  12. Providing references and letters of confirmation of membership to members seeking to play in bigger events outside the country.
  13. Utilising print and electronic media (social media inclusive) to promote and publicise the game in the country.
  14. Evaluating Association’s policies and programmes periodically to ensure that desired results are achieved in the face of current challenges.

Our activities in the Association have been in line with these strategies. Bi-ennial Qualifying School has been used for the training, assessing and admission of talented golfers into the Association. This school will be admitting female golfers for the purpose of establishing the ladies wing in the Association within the next three years.