PGA of Czech Republic

PGA of Czech Republic
Strakonická 2860/4
150 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic

About The PGA of Czech Republic

Formed: 1990
Members: 275
No. of Players: 56 045

The PGA of Czech Republic was founded in Prague on February 19, 1990 with the first provisional statutes put into effect on December 31, 1990. The founding members were Miloslav Bouška, Petr Mrůzek, Miroslav Nemec, Petr Nemec, Jaroslav Peterka, Karel Skopový sen., George Zavázal and as an honorary member Hanus Goldscheider.

The first president elected was Miroslav Nemec, who after the election period in 1994 was replaced by Tomas Teissing. In 2002, Petr Nitra became the third president.

In 1990 the PGA of Czech Republic became a member country of the Confederation of Professional Golf. Then, based on the resolution of the AGM, the PGA was registered with the Interior Ministry under the official title “Professional Golf Association golf players and coaches in Czechoslovakia’ (abbreviation PGAC) on August 16, 1991.

1997 was marked by the continued rise of the PGA, moving to the second stage of the education recognition process and in particular the teaching system, by the Confederation of Professional Golf. In 1998 the PGA was transferred to the third and final phase of the recognition being granted Full Recognition.

A great success for the PGA of Czech Republic membership was the presentation of The Five-Star Professional Award to Petr Nemec for the establishment and successful management of PGA of Czech Republic education programme.

In November 1999, the PGA of Czech Republic became a full member of the Confederation of Professional Golf.