PGA of Croatia

PGA of Croatia
Fancevljec Prilaz, 16
10000 Zagreb

About The PGA of Croatia

Formed: 1996
Members: 19
No. of Players: 600

The PGA of Croatia is an association of professional golf players and coaches that operates and works as an umbrella organisation of professional golf and was established in November 8, 1996. Since its founding it has been working on professional development and advancement of its members, as well as the popularisation of golf in Croatia.

With the aim of popularising golf in Croatia, in 2004 the PGA Trophy was launched, and the system of amateur competitions became the largest and most popular Croatian competition.

Since 2000 The PGA of Croatia has participated in the Confederation of Professional Golf International Team Championship. So far successes have been modest, but the exclusively domestic players have done themselves proud.

The promotion of golf, the construction of new golf courses and driving ranges and other popularisation activities have led to increased interest in golf in Croatia. The PGA of Croatia aims to create a strong skill base for professional golf coaches and professional golfers, because they are a guarantee for better Golf in the future.