PGA of Botswana

P. Bag BR119 Broadhurst
Plot 73432 Maru-a-pula Gaborone

About The PGA of Botswana

Formed: 2005

Confederation of Professional Golf Member Country Since: 2018

Members: 13

No. of Players: 793

No. of Courses: 8

The PGA of Botswana was first formed in 2005 by a group of individuals as a Business name, and these individuals purported to represent the Professionals at that time as an organization to promote professional golf in Botswana. No real association was formalized then as a PGAB and they played on a few local tours.

In 2010, the current Chairman invested in building a training facility for Golf development in Gaborone, World of Golf Botswana, and at the same time decided to do the PGA education qualification through the PGA of South Africa, qualifying in 2012.

Only in 2011, the current Education Board member formed the PGA Botswana as a society with a proper constitution and regulations, which were adopted, and the PGAB was properly constituted then. At the same time several Professionals with the help of the PGA of South Africa and the R&A, were given access to funding and to start their 3 year education qualification. This finally culminated in November 2015 with a total of 7 new Professionals being qualified Class A.

The PGAB has been finding its feet, having achieved most of its objective initially of getting all its teaching members appropriately qualified The PGAB then focused more on developing and implementing its strategic plan. One of its priorities was to engage the Botswana Golf Union on becoming the implementing partners of the Union’s Junior Development programme. This has culminated in the union acceding to this request early in 2018.

In addition to the above, the PGAB has started implementing school holiday Junior tournaments, Junior development camps and a Junior Handicap card which does not require Juniors to be members of a club in the short term. In addition, the PGAB continue to develop a player development campaign, called “LEKAGolf” or “TryGolf” We are finalizing the programme with the plan to Launch it this year.

We have also recently launched our website we are in the process of updating.