PGA of Norway

PO Box 135
2401 Elverum

About the PGA of Norway

Formed: 2003
Members: 162
No. of Players: 103,553
No. of Courses: 175

The Professional Golfers Association of Norway was founded in 2003. Coaches, Players and Coaches form the membership, and it is the role of the PGA to develop and maintain highly qualified coaches and tournament players.

PGA of Norway has these main objectives:

  • Educate and maintain a highly qualified members as a group of instructors and tournament players.
  • Work for members’ interests in pay and labor issues.
  • Develop members’ occupational status in the clubs.
  • Create prerequisites for members to compete nationally and internationally.
  • Give profile to the organization and its members.
  • Create prerequisites for communicating with members.
  • Promote the interest of golf in sports.
  • Work to maintain the traditions and culture of golf in understanding with Norwegian sports laws and regulations.
  • Develop and strengthen the association’s international cooperation in Europe, with emphasis on educational membership service and tournament issues.