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Posted on: 2nd Feb 2023

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  • Job Title: Teaching Professional
  • Locations willing to work: Spain
  • Salary Expectation: Between €35k and €50k
  • Current Position: - Currently Self Employed as Senior Teaching Professional at World of Golf in London.

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Golf Coaching, Teaching Professional


My name is Sebastian
My Professional Golfing career truly started in 2009, when I achieved a handicap of
+2. This low handicap afforded me the opportunity to play on the Professional Tours in South Africa and in the UK.

I gained invaluable experience playing golf at a high level which ​taught me the value of a strong mental game and course management, which I always share with my students during on-course lessons.

My Teaching:
I offer unique step by step Coaching Program individually designed for every student, guaranteed to give you results. The aim is to get the student to understand their swing mechanics, where it goes wrong and how to practice to improve it. Most importantly how to implement those changes on a golf course in a pressured environment.

Additionally, I make use of the latest technology to help you understand your golf game even better. Launch monitors, 3D Body and Club capture and balance plates to name a few.

I have coached hundreds of students, from juniors and beginners to advanced players and Tour Professionals. Whatever level of golfer, I can help them reach your goals!


- PGA of Great Britain and Ireland
- European Golf Teachers Federation
- Swing Catalyst level 1
- Bio Swing Dynamics Specialist
- Eyeline Tour Roll Certified
- 4D Motion Certified
- Foresight Sports Peak Level 1


- For the past 9 years I have been coaching at World of Golf which is one of the busiest driving ranges in Europe.
- Prior worked at American Golf as senior retail assistant and club fitter.

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