Teaching Professional

Posted on: 26th Jul 2019

Position Wanted

  • Job Title: Teaching Professional
  • Locations willing to work: Any
  • Salary Expectation: Based on skills and experience
  • Current Position: Teaching Professional in Bangkok(self-employed) website; tourproinstruction.com


  • Familiar with all the latest technology i.e. trackman, flight scope, V1 golf program

  • In depth knowledge of every aspect of golf

  • Able to help with and coordinate golf tournaments

  • Solid and friendly personality, good with children + adults

  • High level of ethics


  • Previous member of German PGA, European PGA Tour, Asian PGA Tour, Japan PGA Tour

  • Learning about golf is all that I have ever done.


  • Playing, practicing, studying golf 50+ yrs

  • Teaching golf more than 40 years

  • Playing professional: European PGA Tour, Asian PGA Tour, Japan PGA Tour.

  • Played with many of the best in the world

  • Have learned to become a very good coach over the years

  • Probably read every book on golf

Date able to start


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