Secretary / Manager

Posted on: 22nd Aug 2019

Position Wanted

  • Job Title: Secretary / Manager
  • Locations willing to work: Europe and Middle East
  • Salary Expectation: £50,000
  • Current Position: Secretary/Manager


A qualified PGA Golf Professional with a wide range of skills including:

  • Club Management

  • Marketing

  • Business planning and development

  • People management

  • Golf instruction

  • HR

  • Leadership



  • BSc in Sportsturf and Golf Course Management

  • Foundation degree in Golf Coaching

Other qualifications:

  • PGA qualified Professional Class AA

  • Club Management Diploma through CMAE

  • Certificate in Education and Training, Preparatory


Have over ten years years experience working in the golf industry.

Worked at a number of top private member's Clubs across the UK as a PGA Professional coaching clients.

Worked at one of the UK's well established colleges as their Instructor in Golf delivering an intensive coaching programme to its students.

Now had almost 3 years working in Club Management, achieved a great deal in such a short time and looking for an opportunity to further develop my management skills in Europe or the Middle East.

Date able to start


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