Polish National Team Head Coach

Posted on: 17th Aug 2022


  • Club/Employer Name: Polish Golf Union
  • Club/Employer Website: polski.golf
  • Job Title: Polish National Team Head Coach
  • Location: Poland and at events
  • Job Type: Part-time
  • Salary: To Be Discussed (daily fee)

Job Description

Polish Golf Union announces a selection process for the position of National Team Head Coach

I. Roles and responsibilities of the person hired for the position of PGU National Team Head Coach:

a) Role of the selector:

  • making Polish national team selection decisions for the based on selection criteria;

  • cooperation with the office and management of the PGU in the development of criteria for selection for the Polish national team;

  • observation and monitoring of the performance of candidates and members of the national team in domestic and international events;

  • visiting domestic events in accordance with the approved schedule;

  • appointing the captain of the national team in the case of team competitions.

b) Role of the manager:
  • cooperation with the office and management of the PGU in the design and development of the concept of the national team training strategy;

  • cooperation with the PGU office in the implementation of the operational training programme as part of the organization of trips of the Polish national team and its members;

  • cooperation with individual coaches of players, club coaches, parents with respect to the coordination of the training programme of the national team with the athletes’ individual programmes and communicating the results of the training process (constructive feedback system);

  • selection of assistant coaches and cooperating staff (sports psychologist, motor preparation coach, physical therapist, physiologist, nutritionist, etc.).

c) Role of the trainer/coach:
  • conducting consultations and training camps of the national team according to the established schedule;

  • responsibility for the implementation of the educational and pedagogical process, making sure that members of the national team display appropriate attitudes;

  • substantive responsibility for the performance of national team players at international competitions covered by the training programme;

  • reporting to the PGU office and management board on the implementation of the national team training programme;

  • maintaining ongoing contact with national team players.

d) Role of the guardian:
  • acting as a guardian at training camps, consultations, and foreign trips of the national team;

  • acting as national team’s captain or guardian at team competitions;

II. Reporting rules:
  • Annual training plan [goals, result tasks, schedule of training campaigns, programme of training camps/consultations, recommended composition of the national team, criteria for appointment to the Polish national team] by 31 December

  • Reports after each training camp/consultation and competition abroad: up to 14 days after its end

  • Assumptions for participating in championship events 14 days before the competition

  • Reports after championship events up to 14 days after the end of the competition

  • Reports for the first half of the year by 31 August and the annual report by 30 November

V. Terms and conditions of employment
  • Work on the basis of a contract of mandate or B2B

  • Remuneration for the period of effectively worked days [60–90] in accordance with the agreed rates and budget possibilities of the PGU in a given season resulting from the amount of subsidies granted by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism

  • Fixed-term contract: probationary period from 1 January to 31 December 2023, with the possibility of extension until the end of 2026

VI. Course and conditions of the selection process:
  • The candidate’s application, including a CV, an outline of the training concept, and scans of the required qualifications, should be sent to biuro@polski.golf by 30 September 2022. Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered.

  • The PGU may request additional clarification or information regarding individual candidates

  • The decision on the selection of the candidate and adjudication of the selection process will be made by the Board of the PGU after evaluation of the applications and interviews with chosen candidates

  • Interested parties will be notified of the final outcome of the selection process

  • The PGU reserves the right to cancel the selection process at any stage of the selection process without giving any reason


III. Required qualifications:

  • Active membership and coaching credentials issued by the PGA and recognized by the Confederation of Professional Golf

  • Documented experience in youth coaching at club level

  • Knowledge of the English language

  • Category B driver’s license

  • At least secondary education

IV. Desired qualifications:
  • Higher education in physical education, coaching studies, or related fields

  • Documented experience in working for a national golf association as part of a national team training programme

  • High interpersonal skills

Where to Apply

The candidate’s application, including a CV, an outline of the training concept, and scans of the required qualifications, should be sent to biuro@polski.golf by 30 September 2022.

Closing Date


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