Posted on: 19th Jan 2024

Position Wanted

  • Job Title: Physiotherapist
  • Locations willing to work: United Arab Emirates
  • Salary Expectation: TBD
  • Current Position: Sports Physiotherapist

Job Category/Categories

High Performance / Elite Golf


Highly skilled Sports and MSK physiotherapist with experience of working with diverse group of patients, athletes etc. attaining result oriented prognosis.

Expert in body composition analyses, muscular strength and endurance testing and exercise physiology. Specialist in kinesiology and biomechanical analysis for injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Extensive experience in monitoring athlete work load along with recommending customized recovery measures. Managed sports and MSK injuries from varied sports over the years (Cricket, Football, Rugby, Athletics, Track and field, Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, Badminton and Combat Sports).

Skilled in identifying and managing mental health issues among patients, athletes etc.

Devoted research professional with an excellent track record of implementing high quality research evidences in practice. Collaborative team player with superior work ethic and interpersonal abilities.

Proven performer in international sports leagues, events etc. with utmost competence and dexterity.


Ms PT, PhD



Date able to start


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