Head Golf Coach, Sports Manager Country Club

Posted on: 18th Jan 2019

Position Wanted

  • Job Title: Head Golf Coach, Sports Manager Country Club
  • Locations willing to work: Anywhere in Europe, Asia, Spain, Russia, Italy, France, Switzerland
  • Salary Expectation: 40.000 euros ,+ lessons
  • Current Position: Head pro in germany


I am a German citizen, PGA of Germany member, 26 years of teaching at very high level.

I speak fluently, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Catalan, Swedish, a little Russian.


I love to teach golf to all kind of players, from beginners, youngsters, to top players. I have the mental touch and the golf experience to make golfers, greats players, and hobbie golfers have fun. My hobbie is Tennis and horse show jumping at high level.


Played European tour, Tenerife Open 1990, and EPD Tour in Germany.

Date able to start


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