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Posted on: 23rd Jan 2018

Position Wanted

  • Job Title: Golf Professional / Golf Manager
  • Locations willing to work: Ireland
  • Salary Expectation: Euro 25,000 plus
  • Current Position: Head of Golf at Accelerate Sport - Events


I've worked in most aspects of the golf industry, from on course retail, working under a golf director, events management, player management, sales and more. I've also owned my own teaching business where I was on the range teaching fulltime, as well as assisting the young professionals with their teaching skills. I'd ideally be best suited to be situated at a golf course/ resort, as dealing with members is a bit strength of mine.

I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks


I served more than 5 years of the PGA apprenticeship program as I needed to get 5 scores in recognized PGA tournaments. My playing level was good, and my exam marks were exemplary, just as I working flat out, i didnt have time to work at my game.

My one reference on my CV, is a director at the PGA of South Africa, and he will vouch for me. I'm willing to sign up for the PGA course again, and complete the course wherever I find work.



NAME OF COMPANY: Port Elizabeth Golf Club
DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: January 1997 to May 1999
POSITION: Assistant Golf Professional

JOB SUMMARY: Day to day running the golf shop
Golf lessons
Golf event management
Coordinating the members competitions
Golf club repair
Marketing and sales

NAME OF EMPLOYER: The River Club Golf Academy – Cape Town
NAME OF EMPLOYER: James Narramore
DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: May 1999 to September 2001
POSITION: Assistant Teaching Professional
JOB SUMMARY: Fulltime teaching professional, as well as marketing and growing the golf academy by means of beginner golfers as well as corporate companies

NAME OF EMPOYER: Golfstarz – own business
DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: October 2001 – March 2005
JOB SUMMARY: I started and grew a successful business teaching 6-13 year old children at all the leading private schools in Cape Town, also employing many young professionals to conduct these lessons. I sold the business in 2005.

NAME OF EMPLOYER: Cluttons Real Estate
DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: June 2005 – February 2007
POSITION: Real Estate Agent
JOB SUMMARY: Real estate agent / rental agent

NAME OF EMPLOYER: Option Golf Malaysia
DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: March 2007 to May 2008
POSITION: Head Golf Professional
JOB SUMMARY: I ran a golf academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where my duties included full time teaching / coaching, marketing the academy to individual players and corporate clients, as well as running events for our academy members. Another important role I had at this academy, was to train the other professionals who were learning to teach and indeed to gain confidence in dealing with clients.

DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: June 2008 to December 2015
JOB SUMMARY: I managed professional golfers/ amateurs who aspired to playing on the Asian Tour. I have connections on the Asian Tour, so after my time working in Malaysia, I started this unique offering.
My services included setting up a playing roster for the golfers, gym sessions, event schedules, flights, accommodation at events, sponsorship etc....basically fulltime player management.
Some of the players I worked with have gone on to win on the European Tour (George Coetzee, Jbe Kruger) Asian Tour (James Kamte ) and Sunshine Tour ( James Kamte and Toto Thimba)

DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: March 2015 – September 2016
POSITION: Business development
JOB SUMMARY: GolfTeeTimes is a business selling teetimes at golf courses all around the country.
I was contracted to help the owner of this business grow his footprint to the larger part of the country and not just the local area (Western Cape).
Due to my connection wheel here in SA, I was able to reach the desired areas and my contract ended in 2016.

NAME OF EMPLOYER: Accelerate Sport SA
NAME OF EMPLYER: Gary Grant (Managing Director and former marketing director of SA Rugby)
POSITION: Head of Golf
JOB SUMMARY: I helped Accelerate Sports SA to acquire the commercial rights for the SA Senior Golf Tour via my connection to various stakeholders of the tour including multiple PGA Tour winner and current Champions Tour player, David Frost, who’s a personal friend of mine. The senior tour which is currently in its infancy, will see a further 3 or 4 events join the schedule this coming year.

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