Golf Instructor, Academy Director/Coordinator, Head Professional

Posted on: 15th Feb 2017

Position Wanted

  • Job Title: Golf Instructor, Academy Director/Coordinator, Head Professional
  • Locations willing to work: Worldwide
  • Salary Expectation: TBC
  • Current Position: Teaching Professional, Self-employed


  • Fluency in: Italian, English and Spanish

  • Determination in collaborating and sharing projects

  • Teamwork skills

  • Multicultural sensitivity and awareness

  • Time management and planning skills

  • International experiences background

  • Appointment plus system knowledge

  • Extensive knowledge of Trackman and Sam PuttLab Systems

  • Golf Instructions

  • Extensive knowledge of JC Video analysis software

  • Experience as Tour Caddy


  • Jim McLean Certified

  • PGA Professional

  • PGA of Italy junior advisor

  • Swing Catalyst Certified Instructor Level 1

  • Degree of Bachelor of Science in Internation Business


  • Professional Golf Player on Alps Tour and Pro Golf Tour

  • Golf Assistant/Coach at the Jim Mclean Golf Academy, Texas

  • Teaching Professional at the Golf School Zappa

  • Teaching Professional at the Ambrosiano Golf Club

Date able to start


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