Golf Club Secretary

Posted on: 17th Oct 2017

Position Wanted

  • Job Title: Golf Club Secretary
  • Locations willing to work: Midlands - 50 miles from Derby, UK
  • Salary Expectation: £25,000
  • Current Position: N/A


Very computer literate including various golf applications including Club V1 and Howdidido. Further Microsoft products including Excel and Access.
I am logical, organised, analytical, creative and communicative.
My last 36 years have been in the IT industry supporting Rolls-Royce applications.


Nothing direct but refer to skills above and experience below.


Match Secretary at Mickleover Golf Club for 12 years. General Committee over similar period.
Also General and Match Secretary for Rolls-Royce Derby Golf Society (up to 200 members) for 20 years.

Date able to start


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