Club fitter/Club builder

Posted on: 12th Apr 2023

Position Wanted

  • Job Title: Club fitter/Club builder
  • Locations willing to work: Belgium
  • Salary Expectation: €40000 (based on costs of living in the Netherlands)
  • Current Position: Unemployed

Job Category/Categories

Club Fitting / Building


High level of professionalism combined to strong empathy for golf players, my goal is to help players reach their full game potential guiding through detailed and honest club fitting sessions.


Member of AGCP, various major golf brands online certifications


My last working experience was for Honma Golf Europe as Custom Workshop Manager in Amsterdam, here I was responsible for assembling custom orders for all the European company retailers and private customers.
This role included taking care of machines maintenance, stock components, building schedule, quality inspection, golf club dispatch, boxing and shipping.
Performing high level golf club modifications such as custom stamping, paint filling, sole grinding, sandblasting, custom wraps and swing weight for all clubs (including using hot melter for driver and fairway woods).
Other relevant experiences include "Club Fitter and Club Repair" at Jumbo Golf, here I was performing an average of 3/4 fittings per day following strict timelines and guiding the customer in the search for the right golf equipment (from driver to putter).
I acquired experience using Trackman launch monitors and SAM PuttLab and successfully representing the most popular golf manufacturers in the market (achieving various online certifications).
Another task was repairing thousands of different golf clubs coming from all the various shops in the Netherlands and supporting the customer in the shoes, clothing and accessories departments.
At last I also worked for an independent club fitting center where I was supporting the sale process, finalizing the customer order and discussing prices and delivery time.
I guided the customers through the fitting experience with an high quality/VIP service in the shop and during events and I was performing golf club modifications from basic level to full golf club assembly.

Date able to start


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