Dr Paul Hurrion – Putting Technique and Biomechanics [Austria]

September 30 - October 1. 2024

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Dr Paul Hurrion specialises in biomechanical analysis using high-speed cameras, force platforms and computers and is a leading biomechanist working with UK Athletics, International Cricket Council (ICC), English Cricket Board, and European Tour Golfers.

Tour coach who adopts a scientific approach to the putting stroke

“I first got interested in putting at university, using high-speed cinematography (no fancy cameras back then!) looking at impact with drivers and ball. I also looked at wedges and putters… it amazed me how little time the golf ball is in contact with the putter – 0.000125 seconds (filmed at 20,000 frames per second). Believe it or not, this is much less than a driver, which is more like 0.001s…”

“For what seems to the outside world like a very simple task, it is vastly underestimated the amount of science that is involved within putting; how the club face and ball interact is amazing to see and analyse.”

The two day seminar includes lunch and refreshments. Fees:

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  • Non-CPG Member Country – € 790

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CPG Learning & Performance Institute / ÖGV Performance & Competence Center

The Performance & Competence Center offers competitive athletes state-of-the-art, year-round training facilities and brings together the expertise of numerous Austrian golfing institutions in one place.

The development of a central location for the further development of golf has been underway for many years, and the vision of this center in Oberwaltersdorf was developed for the first time as part of the Austrian bid for the 2022 Ryder Cup. The realization of this vision should form the foundation for numerous participations of Austrian players in Solheim & Ryder Cups.

The goal was to develop the most advanced indoor practice facility in Europe and to create a central hub for European golf. Through cooperation with national and international institutions, the Performance & Competence Center is to develop into an important hub for the education and training of players and teaching professionals.

The centralized provision of year-round training facilities and state-of-the-art analysis tools for competitive athletes offers unprecedented opportunities for training management and player development. Facilities from which players from all over Austria will benefit in order to develop the next stars of international golf.

+43 2253 20202 – 38


Fontana Allee 4, A-2345
Oberwaltersdorf, Vienna


Dr Paul Hurrion

A varied and active sporting life and sports / injury related biomechanical studies paved the way to build a company (www.quintic.com) providing a range of biomechanical performance analysis software used at the highest levels in sport, health, and education across the world. Paul specialises in biomechanical analysis using high-speed cameras and is a leading biomechanist contracted to UK Athletics, International Cricket Council (ICC), English Cricket Board and Pakistan Cricket Board. In addition to the biomechanical software, Paul has developed Quintic Ball Roll, a program that offers fast and accurate information for putting, analysing both the club and ball, without any attachments affecting either the club or the player!

His passion for golf has led to a specialism in putting analysis and advice, assisting European, American, Asian, Chinese Tour Professionals and holding PGA accredited Putting Clinics. Paul has presented at numerous international conferences, including the World Golf Congress of Golf, Great Britain PGA National Conference, Dutch, Germany, Irish, American, Italian, French PGAs conferences. Paul also deliveries course for the English PGA, where attendees receive CPD points.

* Golf – The Quintic hi-tech Putting Laboratory is developing and has already benefited many European Tour Golfers including Padraig Harrington, Paul McGinley, Rory McIlroy, Danny Willett, Oliver Wilson, Robert-Jan Derksen, Phillip Archer, David Howell, Sam Little, Philip Price, Stephen Dodd, Darren Clarke, Henrick Stenson, Ricardo Gouveia and Lee Westwood…

* ECB – biomechanical consultancy with cricket’s top and developing stars – Consultant Biomechanist on Coach Education Programme (Level IV) and on Bowling Review Group;

* ICC [International Cricket Council] – Consultant Biomechanist for the International Bowling Review Group;

* Quintic Consultancy Ltd has developed into an important business and is used across the world by universities, colleges, schools, hospitals, physiotherapists, podiatrists, and a very wide range of sports at all levels including Manchester United FC, UK Athletics, British Diving, ECB, World Speed Skating, International Dressage and many more… www.quintic.com

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The two day seminar includes lunch and refreshments. Fees:

  • CPG Member Country Preferred Pricing – €690
  • Non-CPG Member Country – € 790

Register on a first come, first serve principle. Fees will be confirmed once you have registered via invoice.