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PGA of Belgium Paul Kaster & Co Coaching Work & Services Seminar – Open to All PGA Members3 min read

Posted on: 23rd Sep 2022

The PGA of Belgium’s modernisation of coaching work and services seminar with Paul Kaster, Kayleigh Franklin and Dr. Nick Molinaro is open to all PGA Members.


Modernisation of coaching work and services seminar with Paul Kaster, Kayleigh Franklin and Dr. Nick Molinaro

When: 3-day seminar, Wednesday 26 October – Friday 28, 10am-5pm (Possibilities of coming to one day only)

Where: Royal Bercuit Golf Club, Belgium

Price: PGA Members – 335€ or 125€/day

Delivery Language: English

Major education seminar of the season where we hope to see as many pros as we can, as we will be covering the modernisation of the coaching work and establishing how to build ones coaching services in these modern days and reach international appeal!

With special intervention by Kayleigh Franklin (TPI level 3) on site on the 26th and by Dr. Nick Molinaro by video conference.

All 3 days will have specific contents that are possible to follow day by day, as you will be able to discover in the following schedule:

Day 1:

  1. Paul & Kayleigh Franklin Introduction
  2. The Assessment Process & Live Lesson with a Junior Anthony Selects (?)
    1. How Paul starts with a client
    2. Kayleigh’s Role in the Assessment
  3. Creating a Plan
    1. Paul determines plan based on the player’s goals, movement capabilities, apparent “golf IQ.” Plan takes into account fitness issues if Kayleigh is able to see the client first.
    2. What comes first?
    3. If Kayleigh didn’t see the client first, I conference with her and her team afterwards regarding fitness evaluation and player’s goals. Speed potential is a big subject for anything we are doing.

Day 2:

  1. Morning:
    1. Paul works with player who was subject of the evaluation.
    2. Putting evaluation with the same player before launching into golf swing.
    3. Discussion of what we would do on the course if playing holes is possible as part of the evaluation.
    4. Fitness program is something they will get started on as we begin to work on golf swing things.
    5. Early golf swing work should be simple, especially if there are mobility or stability impediments that show up in the fitness screening and/or a grip change is involved in the early stages.
    6. Grip, set up and pivot/post changes can be extremely productive but also can go against a player’s DNA if they have been playing a certain way for a while. These changes need to be discussed gradually and carefully based on the player’s mental/emotional makeup and state. For the coach to observe and decide. The art of coaching.
  2. Afternoon:
    1. Club fitting and it’s role in the process
    2. Performance can be bought
    3. Shoes
    4. Ball fitting
    5. Zoom Presentation by Dr. Nick Molinaro
    6. Paul discusses his mental coaching styles, who he has learned from and worked with including Dr. Nick, Bobby Foster (Golf Mental Workshop) and Dr. Rick Jensen.
    7. Discussing process oriented thinking with players early on sets the stage for how you function and communicate as a coach.

Day 3:

  1. Morning:
    1. Putting
    2. Playing Lessons & On Course Assessment
    3. Using Data – GameForge & Arccos
  2. Afternoon:
    1. Developing Practice Plans
    2. Focus on Skills
    3. Q&A


For more information or questions contact Director of Education of the PGA of Belgium, Anthony Otterström, at


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