Tony Bennett

Tony is the Director of Education & Membership for the Professional Golfers Association’s of Europe, which has the responsibility of over 21,000 golf professionals in 36 member countries worldwide. Tony travels extensively in his role added to which he is an international golf development consultant for the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. He has worked with a many leading golfing organisations and several governments departments while developing innovative and far reaching projects around the World.

Tony started his career as a playing professional, but during his mid twenties Tony’s business acumen became apparent when he developed an innovative on course retail outlet, which later was recognized as being one of the leading golf retail establishments in the UK. Tony became a lecturer at the P.G.A Training School, for business and commerce. Tony has had successful experience in developing coach education frameworks, retail centres, academy structures and learning pathways.

Tony was granted the status of Master Professional in 2006 and has been credited for modernising and contributing to the game of golf in Portugal. He received recognition from the former President of the Republic Dr. Jorge Sampaio in the form of a presidential Order of Merit award.