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PGA of Denmark Teaching & Coaching Seminar – Brian Manzella & Tom Wishon2 min read

PGA of DenmarkAuthor: PGA of Denmark

Posted on: 28th Jan 2016

The PGA of Denmark would like to invite all PGA Professionals from Confederation of Professional Golf Member Countries to the 2016 Danish Teaching & Coaching Conference from the 1st – 2nd of March 2016.

The Teaching & Coaching Conference takes place at Brøndby Stadium near Copenhagen in Denmark and will see two golf greats carry out a variety of sessions. Tom Wishon will look at professional clubfitting during day one, followed by Brian Manzella’s coaching sessions on day two. There are also options to bolt on two additional days of live coaching with Brian Manzella.

PGA Professionals can find out more about the schedule and speakers by downloading the ‘Danish Teaching & Coaching Conference 2016’ PDF (0.7MB), with registrations being made directly with the PGA of Denmark’s Steffen Jacobsen ( Registrations close 14th February 2016.

Download ‘Danish Teaching & Coaching Conference 2016’ PDF (0.7MB)


Tuesday 1st March
Tom Wishon: What is professional clubfitting?

  • Professional clubfitting involves matching each one of the 12 key clubfitting elements for every club in the bag, to each golfer ́s combination of size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics.
  • Rounding and instructions on how to take Tom Wishon online certification test after the seminar
Wednesday 2nd March
Manzella: Post Modern Golf Instruction

  • Prologue – Brief history of the golf instruction eras and introduction of the “Post Modern Era.”
  • Section 1 – The Post Modern golf swing and other categories of modern swing patterns
  • Section 2 – Post Modern Golf Instruction and Performance Coaching
  • Section 3 – Implementing Post Modern concepts with all levels of players
  • Section 4 – Solving Common problems on the lessons tee
  • Section 5 – Live Lessons, conducted and deconstructed
Thursday 3rd March – (First extra day with Brian Manzella)
  • Follow-up and deepening of yesterday’s theory
  • Live teaching – 2 beginners, 2 average players
Friday 4th March (Second extra day with Brian Manzella)
  • Live Teaching – 2 hcp. 5-15 players and 1-2 elite players
  • Theoretical rounding reviewing lessons, questions and more Rounding

PGA of DenmarkAuthor: PGA of Denmark

The PGA of Denmark is the Association for Danish professional golf coaches and players.

The PGA of Denmark was founded in September 1971 by the then approx. 15 professional coaches covering Denmark and teaching Danish amateur golfers. There were then some 25 clubs in Denmark. Today, there are around 188 clubs and over 350 coaches and tour players.

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